Free content offer for iPhone Developers.

We are looking for partners which distribute our content on iPhone.

GT Agency has thought of an innovative idea of offering a service from which thousands of iPhone users can be benefitted.

There are more than 350 of our clients in USA, China, Japan and India, as our contents are written in varied languages of English, Japanese as well as Chinese and as we expertise in psychological quizzes and contents of fortune-telling, we are firmly heading forward to hand out of most of our contents through iPhone for free!

In addition, we have a great team producing psychology tests and fortune-telling content but we do not have any functions which develop a system or designing them. This is why we are looking for partners (developers).

This offer is limited to free iPhone applications only. If the apps makes money by any means, we share the revenue. In terms of business, We are not certain how to make a money on iPhone other than charging per download or advertising. Including sharing revenues, we are partnering broadly. If you are interested, please contact us.

We will welcome anyone who is interested to help us in dealing with this service.

Following is our contact information

Miyashita(in charge) Email: miyashita @

To email us, please type the email-address above
erasing the spaces at both sides of @.

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