Two Months Free Trial of all of our Fortune-telling content package.

We start selling our fortune-telling contents in U.S.A

Since May 2008 GT-Agency has started to sell psychological test and fortune telling contents in USA. We have considerably improved our knowledge on its timely delivery. We also offer a free 2 months trial use of our fortune-telling contents and psychological tests to the first time users that to build up credential on the quality of our contents.

You can make the most of it within this time span by using our contents, to search for the best fit for your original media contents. And by this process you will come to realize about the benefits and that our contents attractive, simple and very easy to understand.

A quick summary

The type of the delivery

ASP or Sending the copy of the contents

Wide range of customizations

You will be able to change not only the header and footer of the contents; if you are capable you can also modify the design and code of the files.

Cost of each content

Initial 2 month’s use is absolutely free. After 2months, you will have to pay depending on how many contents you are using.

Contents Line-up

Today's Forecast (12 horoscope signs)

Monthly forecast relates to events of every month

Tarot Card is so popular for women in particular.

  • Four kinds of tarot fortune telling, such as general luck, love, work, and money luck.
  • More about Tarot Card
  • $499 per month

Entertaining fortune-telling and diagnosis contents

  • Using astrology, tarots, numerology of kabbalah, these contents are entertaining like let people tell others.
  • We offer 10 themes at first month, and add 3 themes a month
  • $499 per month

Standard psychology tests

Feng shui to lead to good luck

  • Every day Feng shui tips for good luck
  • A Feng Shui essay and feng shui personality tests to get the reader to feel close to feng shui
  • More about Feng Shui contents
  • $499 per month

Contact Us

Miyashita(in charge) Email: miyashita @

To email us, please type the email-address above
erasing the spaces at both sides of @.

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