We are looking for a company to be our partner to sale horoscope contents

GT-Agency- A brief introduction

We have started our business of offering fortune-telling contents since February 2006 and now we have over 370 clients. Our fortune-telling contents and psychological tests have thus come out to be effective for use in corporate endeavors and activities.

We are in search of sales partner.

At this point of time we are looking for a company which will join hands with us and sale horoscope contents along with us. We are open for any company who are interested to generate business along with us. We are flexible, that is, the invited company can utilize our agency contents or can use their own horoscope contents for the purpose.

Get in touch to know us

Through these years of delivering our contents to different companies, we have gathered much experience. We are thus keen to share with you our practical know ledge the accumulated know-how’s and ideas. This will thus help to flourish your company’s business as well.

Thank you in advance. We shall be eagerly waiting for your contact, the time you will get in touch with us.

Contact: Miyashita (in charge)
email: miyashita @ gt-agency.com
To email us, please type the email-address above
erasing the spaces at both sides of @. Thank you!

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