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Tie-up with Japan's oldest fortune-telling salon "TARIM"

Our vast production team has joined hands with the Japan’s most reliable and oldest fortune telling salon “TARIM” and we feel proud to announce that our company has distributed more than 4000 fortune telling contents in the last year.

As for the business results, the clients are more than 370, and We had produced more than 4000 contents in last year.

Japan's oldest fortune-telling building

it is 24 years from the establishment of its business. The total number of the people its fortune-tellers consulted is 70,000

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The traits of GT-Agency's Fortune-telling contents

GT-Agency had offered more than 4,000 fortune-telling contents in one year.

the result after using our Fortune-telling content

  • Decreasing by 13% of resigning rates of a membership site.
  • Decreasing by 10% of resigning rates a point site
  • Increasing by 1.2 times of Page Views of a social networking site.

The result after using our Tarot content

  • Increasing by 50% of Page Views of a career site for women

We offer these contents appending the know-how of the way of development.

Fortune-Telling Contents line-up

Today7s Horoscope Forecast

Our horoscopes updates familiar horoscopes on daily basis and increase the website's repeat rates.
$299 per month

Custom-made Weekly forecast

This custom-made fortune-telling content raise user royalty on your media
$988 per month

Monthly event fortune-telling

This monthly horoscopes will help your campaign or promotion of your products
$199 per month

Authentic Tarot fortune-telling

Tarot Cards can bring about a huge number of Page viewing on the media.
More about Tarot Cards
$299 per month

Feng shui to lead to good luck

Every day Feng shui tips for good luck
A Feng Shui essay and feng shui personality tests to get the reader to feel close to feng shui
More about Feng Shui contents
$299 per month

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