About GT-Aency, as a leading company of fortunetelling content and psychology tests

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GT-Agency cooperates with Japan's oldest fortune-telling salon TARIM and plans and produces fortune-telling and psychology test contents. The production team consists of 70 fortune-tellers and about 110 writers. Regarding business results, the clients are more than 350, and We had produced more than 4000 contents in the last year.

Not to mention offering a manuscript and a logic, we prepare API and ASP so that corporate enterprises easily install or use them on their own media.

Management Team

Tomotake Murai: President and Chief Executive officer
Akira Morigaki: Executive Director of Operations

Contact information

Head Office
Shibuya Tokyo Japan
Tel: +81-3-3498-1881
Email: gt-info @ gt-agency.com

San Francisco Office
email: miyashita @ gt-agency.com

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22nd February 2006

Major shareholders

GaiaX Co.Ltd.


Fortune-telling Contents for Corporate use

GT-Agency offers fortune-telling content and psychology tests, tarot cards, and feng shui especially for companies whose businesses are mainly on the Internet. As of May 2008, GT-Agency had offered fortune-telling contents for more than 350 companies.

A large number of our clients enable us keep services' prices as low as possible.

Various and powerful content
We specializes in fortune-telling content and psychology tests and have succeeded in skills of planning and quality of the content.

Brand power and Security
TARIM, the Japanese oldest fortune-telling salon, has made a brand, now makes a new history in the fortune-telling industry day after day. From top national companies to country's largest advertising firms, over 350 clients choose our contents. This conveys feeling of security to our clients.

Accumulated know-how
We have experienced various ways distributing the content such as magazines, news papers, mobile sites, Large-Crystal-Displays on the street, mobile contents, free papers, and game arcades etc.

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